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Frozen Coconut Peach Bites. 3 ingredient simple frozen treats. Beats a store bought popsicle any day.

1 cup coconut milk (from a can)

1 peach, chopped

1/4 cup currants (optional or substitute blueberries)



5 Minute CRISPY Sweet Potato Chips

I was pretty shocked when I discovered this recipe. It’s UHMAZING.

Total Time: 5 minutes


  • Sweet potato
  • Salt (or any other seasoning)
  • Olive oil spray can


  1. Use a mandolin and slice up your sweet potato (try to find one that has an even girth throughout the entire length of the potato so you have evenly sized chips)
  2. Cut parchment paper the size of your glass plate inside the microwave
  3. Lay the chips in a single layer on the parchment paper
  4. Lightly spray with non-stick spray and salt them
  5. Microwave on 100% power for 2 minutes 30 seconds (Please note: This measurement was for MY microwave, so please be aware of your own) You will know they are done when they start to lightly brown, but do not wait till they entirely brown — that would mean it burnt)
  6. Let the chips cool, and they will turn crispy :)

PROOF OF CRISPY-NESS (didn’t edit the video hehe)

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A good chart to show hold long your vegetables, fruit and… other stuff would stay fresh for. Brought to you by visual.ly, a place with a TON of infographics, maybe the biggest on the web. 

[More Health Infographics Here]

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I love this tea. I used to drink it quite often when I’ve been traveling in Thailand. The sugar gives you a kick and it feels almost like after coffee. Almost.

You will need:

  • black tea, strong
  • sugar
  • whole milk
  • coconut milk
  • ice

Boil water and brew a pot of strong black tea with 1/2 cup sugar (thai tea is sweet). Let it cool. In a glass mix whole milk with coconut milk (half half). Place ice in a glass, pour 2/3 of tea and 1/3 of milk mix. 

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French Toast Rollups Tutorial {click link for full tutorial}

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Macaroni and Cheese Pizza

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